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Free Product Promotion

There’s a buzz going around lately about a new site called Internet Marketing NewsWatch. They feature all the latest news in the Internet Marketing circles… and you can get YOUR product featured on the site for free!

Using Products to Build Lists

Will you earn more money selling a ‘Special Report’? Or will you earn more money giving a Special Report away freely and building a very large mailing list of people who are specifically interested in your topic… that you can market your higher-ticket products/services to on a long term basis?
Don’t underestimate the value of […]

Getting Affiliates To Promote Your Products

If you have your own product, the best way to increase your sales potential is to set up an Affiliate Program. Affiliates will join your program, promote your product, and earn a percentage of each sale that they make. But just having an Affiliate Program in place is not enough…

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