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New Report from Joel Comm

There is a new report from Joel Comm at It’s free to download, so grab a copy if you are interested to hear Joel’s response to Scott Boulch and the whole Adsense is Dead saga…

Adsense Publishers Tip

The location of the Adsense ads on your web pages, as well as how many blocks of Ads you have showing, affects your eCPM with Google Adsense. Let’s say you have 3 Adsense blocks on one web page (the max allowed). One at the top. One in the middle or in the sidebar. And one at the very bottom of the page…

Adsense Report #2

Today is the day that the 2nd Free Report comes out in the “Adsense is Dead” series. It has been highly controversial so far, and many will be talking about this newest report that comes out today….

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