Lynn TerryThe title for this site, Midnight Marketing Snack, came to me - yup, you guessed it - while I was up late working one night.

When I was a child I can remember my grandfather getting up every night for a “midnight snack”. That memory is what inspired this tip site - which is a place for late night marketers to swing by and pick up a good tip or resource while they are up plugging away at their online ventures.

I actually own several internet marketing related websites, including an Internet Marketing Blog, a full-blown content site and community where you can Learn Internet Marketing free, and even a membership site titled Turning Ideas Into Dollars. But at each of those sites (in addition to numerous internet marketing forums, etc) I am well known to over deliver in regards to content.

In fact, some people even say I talk too much :shock: ;-)

Midnight Marketing Snack is my place to offer quick tips and no fluff. Just short informative posts with tasty little resources that you can grab on the run. It’s out of character for me, yes… but this is the one place online where you can cut through all the ‘content’ and just grab the tools and tips that you need to develop and market your online business.


Lynn Terry, Keeping it Short & Sweet... for a change

p.s. Have a blog of your own? Some of these quick-tips may inspire a new post on your own blog or website! Feel free to take them and expand on them as you please - as long as you link back to the specific post you are quoting.