Here are a few free ways to get free backlinks, or one-way inbound links, to your website… and creative ways to drive some super-targeted traffic at the same time:

  • Answer questions on Yahoo! Answers including links back to pages on your site as the source
  • Comment on related blog posts (you can search for them at
  • Submit Articles, using keyword rich titles. This will help you to become indexed “indirectly” on established websites. The article will be a standalone page on that site, and PageRank spreads quickly on established domains. This will turn out to be a quality relevant inbound link for you.
  • Start your own blog on the same topic. Blogs get indexed very quickly, and will in turn help your static website to become established. Write good (related) content and link back to internal pages on your website.
  • Post on discussion forums, putting a keyword rich link in your signature and in your profile. Forums are crawled very frequently by the Search Engines due to the community/content aspect. (Dont spam the forums - contribute)

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