In a post on my discussion forum, Ralph Ruckman reveals a tip for getting traffic from Yahoo as well as getting new sites spidered and indexed. Here’s what he shared:

QUICK INDEXING Tip through Yahoo: Go to Yahoo! Answers and answer any questions you can that your website might offer information for or any other “help” related to the question. In the source box put your link to your site/blog. I do this with every one of my new sites. Less than 48 hrs I am in Yahoo. :D

When you go to Yahoo! Answers just use their search box. Use keywords from your blog/site and just read through the questions. When you come to one that’s open for anwering, just pop in there if it’s something your site can offer info on.

I get tons of “Best Answers” which gives you an extra 10 points. If I only knew what those points could be used for? That site must have some “really” good weight to it. Yahoo comes kicking down your door within a couple of days. I really don’t use it for backlinks though, mainly just for initial quick indexing to a blog.

Cool tip, Ralph - Thanks! ;)

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