It takes a little time for a brand new website to get indexed and established in the major search engines. That’s a well known fact. However, here are 2 easy ways to get your website in front of targeted search engine traffic (for free!) even before it gets indexed:

1) Write an article on your topic using a keyword phrase in the title, and submit it for reprint on other popular (established) websites. These websites generally have their new pages (including the one with your article on it) indexed and ranking well within a matter of 1-3 days. If your article is well written, and your keywords well targeted, you can funnel traffic straight into your new site using this method.

It’s a great way to “rank well” in the major search engines before your own (new) website is ranking at all ;)

2) The same goes for popular (and frequently spidered) discussion forums in your target market. Without spamming, use keyword phrases in the title of your forum post. Not only are you gaining exposure on the forum itself, but if your post ranks well in the major search engines for a popular keyword phrase then you will benefit from the search engine traffic as well.

Both of these methods give you a means of exposure through the search engines before you own site is ranking well… And they also give you Inbound Links to your site, which in turn IS what helps you to get indexed and begin to rank well.

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