BoardTracker is a search engine for Forums… and much more

What can BoardTracker do for you?

  • Search all message boards and forums in one place. Easy, organized and highly relevant.
  • New thread alerts by Email or Instant Message. Know when someone mentions you or your interests.
  • Highly effective marketing intelligence & research tool. Control your brand, increase your market share.
  • RSS feeds by category AND search term. More ways to stay in touch with the boards.
  • Jabber Instant Messaging. Use our IM service for networking and chat.
  • Find and explore new communities. The ‘boardscape’ is vast, we make it manageable.
  • Save time, filter out irrelevant messages. Focus on what matters, when it matters.
  • Never again miss out on a discussion that is crucial to you

With boardtracker you define a range of keywords and phrases to track and the system constantly scans for mentions of any of those terms and will notify you by email or instant message and your alerts will be added to your private alerts page so you can always see all those important results listed in one place. You can also create searches and generate any number of custom rss feeds to add to your favourite rss reader and the feeds will of course update when new topics match that term.

If you own a forum, you need to check this out! If you frequent forums, or use them for marketing/networking, you need to check this out! Go to BoardTracker

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